Activate your team brain!

Teams deal with different types of information about different things every day. CliqMind boosts team productivity by collecting and connecting team information in a Digital Team Brain. Create a timeless and shared understanding within your team by CliqMind.

What is Digital Team Brain?

How CliqMind helps?


Shape your team brain by flexible templates

You can either start with our templates or create your own. Use structured forms if you seek uniformity, or let your team decide how to pass information in mark-down editor-based templates. We are also ready to help you design fully customized templates that best fit your needs.


Collect and extract knowledge from people and services

Once you're done shaping your Team Brain, you can start collecting items from your team members, online services, or your previously collected information in spreadsheets.


Relate and integrate things as your team brain grows

While collecting or editing items in CliqMind, new links between items are created by team members as well as the AI in CliqMind. More relations in your digital team brain, makes information easier to find and digest.


Remember and reuse things fast and complete

Team members can easily navigate, filter, and find the knowledge they need to perform daily tasks, run projects or make informed decisions. Based on their context, users may proactively receive alerts for items that sound useful to them.

Use cases

Use CliqMind to address information challenges across your team.

Get to know successful use cases of CliqMind by different teams & organizations. You may find similar challenges in your own team.