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What is CliqMind for?

Manage daily business information

Anna manages a small consulting company in oil and gas projects. Every day, her team holds meetings with contractors, suppliers, and other organizations or exchanges numerous emails and technical documents with them. The complexity of these communications takes a lot of time from the team to look up the communications of a project or even track down a document. This has become an annoying problem for the team, in a way that sometimes key project knowledge is lost, or she is constantly being consulted even for the smallest tasks.

Sample use cases:

Internal & external correspondence Business contacts Simple account management Project reports Contract data Minutes

Collecting information and data from team members

Rosie is the manager of a small startup business. She likes to have strict discipline in the workplace even for her remote workers from the very beginning. For each of her weekly marketing, sales, product, and support reports, she's created a template that her teammates must complete and email to her at the end of each week. After a few weeks, collecting, sorting, and reviewing them has become a problem for her.

Sample use cases:

Daily & weekly reports Lessons learned Sales & marketing reports HR surveys Performance reports

Delivering Knowledge efficiently

Fariba is responsible for the product manual of the new version of their company's software. Many customers should receive this new version of the guide. The previous version of the manual was authored in a word processor, so maintaining and updating it according to changes and new features is a difficult task. Changes are released on a weekly basis and Fariba does not know how to keep this product manual live during the next year.

Sample use cases:

Product Help Technical Documentation Online User Guide Internal Knowledge Base Standard Operating Procedures Process Documentaion

Archiving interconnected information

Farhad is a professor at the University of Toronto. He has collected many contemporary books, manuscripts, lithographs, and old photographs for Iranology research in the faculty. He has to collect all the bibliographic information and metadata regarding these items and categorize them with a standard approach so that students and researchers can benefit from this valuable archive.

Sample use cases:

Digital archive Publications Personal collections Personal / team library Bibliographic data management

Documentation for compliance

Sina works in a Fintech start-up company in the field of payments. He is responsible for compliance audits against payment regulations. He not only needs an updated searchable knowledge base of payment regulations and their latest changes but also needs a solution to gradually collect records and documents so that he can quickly provide the auditors of regulatory bodies with the evidence and information they need.

Sample use cases:

Regulatory compliance Corporate compliance Compliance checklists Internal audits Document control Risk management

Managing Technical Documents

Sohrab works in a civil engineering team. This team of 8 people designs many projects throughout the year. What they deliver to their client is all the design documentation based on the latest version, and updating it during and after construction. Storing all design files related to each project to search and retrieve similar designs will significantly increase the productivity of subsequent projects.

Sample use cases:

Design knowledge base Engineering change management Defect list Project knowledge base

Managing Digital Assets for reuse

Hanna is an artist. Of course, a digital artist. Her speed of getting things done is very dependent on reusing artwork, images, and design files that she or her team have already created. For some time, she has been thinking about a tool with which she can tag all these files and put them in the right category to speed up her projects.

Sample use cases:

Digital asset management Brand asset management

Keeping design and test data at your fingertips

Arman is the manager of the R&D team in a nanotechnology company. His team conducts dozens of tests a week, and the result of each test contains valuable knowledge for the team. Arman has created a worksheet for each type of test in which the test results are entered by the team. The description and technical specifications of each test are written in another file. This method has helped him to standardize the process of conducting experiments, but his problem is reusing the information of experiments and their results. For example, if he wants to find a test whose technical specifications or results are close to today's test, he has to browse through a large number of files for hours.

Sample use cases:

R&D Documentation Test reports Design of experiments

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